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L Jill Martin

Realtor of Equal Housing Opportunities
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What We're All About

The Howard Martin Firm is all about you! How you like to work is how we work best. We are intentionally set up to accommodate your style and your comfort zone. Your trust and your parameters will not be violated. We take great pride in making an extra effort or taking a little extra time to make things go right. With over 40 years of local experience in the industry (25 years in corporate real estate and 22+ years licensed to serve the public as a REALTOR®), we have what it takes to get things done right the first time.


Our goal is to facilitate our clients through the education process necessary for a confident decision to enter into any real estate transaction. Whether it be to sell, buy, invest, exchange, or relocate, we have the ability to refer you to knowledgeable professionals throughout the transaction process who can help with the areas outside of our expertise... such as escrow closers, title examiners, attorneys, accountants, tax advisors, inspectors, contractors, builders, lenders, appraisers, private money sources, and if all else fails - a good psychologist!


We prefer to maintain a close working relationship with our clients. This attitude has helped make us a successful business with a clientele that treats us more like friends than business acquaintances. We appreciate your continuing input and want you to monitor how we are meeting your expectations of us.


We are not a franchise bound by company policy and contacts, or a "set in our ways" company trying to compete with old ideas and equipment. We are completely automated, with all the high-tech equipment we need to help you compete for the right real estate outcome for you.


You are important to us. Sometimes, Realtors® forget that even though they see many transactions each year, the one in which they are representing their client may be the largest sum of money he or she has ever dealt with in their lifetime. We take this trust very seriously. You are not just a number to us.We do not expect our agents to put productivity ahead of your success, because if you succeed, then so will we. That's how we like it, a little healthy co-dependency!